About us

In 2015 our director Lucy Scott-Moncrieff attended a seminar at which Karl Chapman, then CEO of Riverview Law (now EY Riverview Law), a Liverpool-based alternative legal service provider. Karl spoke about a virtual assistant technology platform known as KIM (Knowledge, Insight, Meaning) which they were helping launch in the UK. It occurred to Lucy that this technology could be harnessed to improve access to justice by enabling community groups to connect clients and pro bono legal advisers. Lucy’s vision became The Jeanie Project.

Since then, KIM Technologies have provided us with free access to their platform and The Jeanie Project has received funding from the Legal Education Foundation to pilot the technology with community groups. Recently, it successfully raised additional funds to help further the aims of the project, through a CrowdJustice crowdfunder.

Who we are


Lucy Scott-Moncrieff CBE Chair of Trustees


Dr Simon Davey Project Manager







  • Lucy Scott-Moncrieff CBE: Managing Director of Scott-Moncrieff; former President of the Law Society
  • Richard Miller: the Head of Justice at the Law Society of England and Wales
  • Martin Barnes: the Chief Executive of the charity LawWorks (the Solicitors Pro Bono Group), and a trustee of the Advice Services Alliance.

The current project manager is Dr Simon Davey, an independent consultant in the charity sector for over 18 years and experienced in access to justice issues.

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