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About Us

We believe that anyone who needs legal advice should be able to access it – no matter what their background or income might be. Our free ground-breaking technology helps individuals, community groups and charities provide access to the law for those that need it most.

“It is a fundamental pillar of our democracy that everyone should be able to exercise their legal rights regardless of their background or financial position…That’s why the work of The Jeanie Project is so important, because without it…achieving justice will continue to be out of reach for many people”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

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The Jeanie Project by LawWorks is an easy-to-use online platform for anyone who has a legal problem in either Employment, Immigration, or Housing and accessing free legal advice.

It asks a series of questions pertaining to the relevant area of law. The collated answers can then be shared with the people and organisations supporting the individual.

You can either take your client through the platform or ask them to complete it independently and share the answers with you at your next appointment.

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