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About The Jeanie Project
The Law Works

The Jeanie Project supports requests for free legal help by collating the most useful information a reviewing lawyer needs to quickly access the matter

The Jeanie Project by LawWorks is an easy-to-use online platform for anyone who has a legal problem in Employment, Housing or Immigration and accessing free legal advice.

It asks a series of questions pertaining to the relevant area of law. The collated answers can then be shared with the people and organisations supporting the individual.

You can either take your client through the platform or ask them to complete it independently and share the answers with you at your next appointment.

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The platform does not offer legal advice. The content of The Jeanie Project is legal information for general guidance and not legal advice. You may want to seek legal advice from a lawyer to understand how the law applies to your specific circumstances. You do not become a client of LawWorks by using this tool.

We do not keep your form data. The information you submit on this form is stored for 30 days.

The legal information is regularly reviewed. The content of this site is up to date as of December 2022

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